About Jase Beau Prospero

New High Media is the portfolio site of Jase Beau Prospero

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Intuitive Visionary, Author

Thanks for visiting my website! Here’s a little more about my personal background and projects.

My goal is to get you to “Help Me, Help You, Help the World.”, which is why I give away so much material free of charge. We’re all in this Glass Bead Game together!

My latest company is called Senior Tech Coach, and we’re dedicated to “Helping Seniors Connect with Technology” with in home visits and coaching. If you know anyone struggling with technology, please spread the word!

I am a Life Coach and certified Minister with the Universal Life Church.  I am involved with the New Thought Movement and Unity Spiritual Centers where I formerly taught Sunday School, taught a meditation group, and produced skits and plays for special services.

I fashion myself as an independent “Pastor to the People”, the Un-Saintly Pastor, or just Pastor J. I received my Master’s degree in Contemplative Religious Studies from Naropa University, where I studied Buddhist and Yogic meditation with many great masters from every spiritual tradition imaginable.

I currently teach meditation, yoga, and write in Colorado and beyond.

Yogamoji is my project to catalogue and make yoga asanas more accessible for teachers. I created fonts so that class sequences can be simply typed into a word document!

yogamoji electric blue

Before moving to Colorado to pursue my spiritual path, I studied Acting and Playwriting at Emerson College in Boston, where I learned the techniques to transform a shy guy into a fearless public speaker. I also studied Shakespeare with the masters at the prestigeous Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. I was blessed to perform multiple times at the American Repertory Theatre at Harvard, and appeared in movies such as Mona Lisa Smile and the Human Stain. I won Emerson’s Playwriting competition my senior year and my adaptation of Mark Twain’s A Murder, Mystery, and a Marriage received a full production, and many laughs.

I occasionally perform as Beau Jones, aka Richard II in Neon Mornings events. 


As an entrepreneur, I have worked with many startups in many capacities. I have managed social media and branding, booked and run community events with brand ambassadors at community fairs and in corporate settings. I helped the new St Julien Hotel achieve a 4 Diamond rating, and was chosen as a spokesmen for hotel in New York Times and About.com’s video on “Who to Tip at Hotels”.

I ran a project called RecyclingforCharities as the sales, e-commerce, and Account Manager for The Wireless Alliance for several years, and have been involved with technology sales, affiliate marketing, and environmental causes ever since. After I left, I continued to support the cause with DonateYourPhone.com, a revamped program for schools, churches, and other organizations to recycle old electronic equipment responsibly, while also raising money for the charity of their choice in exchange for t-shirts and others prizes.

Grandmas are always telling me that my smile lights up a room. I don’t know about all that, but I do think smiling is the key to a good life and I do it as much as possible, whenever and wherever I can. My motto is “Smile first, ask questions later.”

Some say that there are no co-incidences.

Einstein said, “Co-incidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

I like to believe all that, but I’m not a gay Canadian superhero. Sometimes, co-incidnces are just funny synchronicities that point us to something else we need to see.

Northstar helped me realize ADHD is actually like a superpower – a mutation that lets my brain move at light speed. Unfortunately, the byproduct is that some of the things I say come out as if they were Photon Energy Blasts to people moving at a more leisurely pace. I’m constantly working on being less blunt, yet still remaining genuine and honest. It’s tough, but I love a chanllenge!

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